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Our Team

In 2005, Casey Hinkey founded C&C Wood Designs, Inc. with the goal of providing the local community with the finest hand-crafted custom cabinets and wood work.  


For  more than 14 years, he and his team have helped hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Northern California to transform their houses into beautiful homes.

The team works closely with clients to create unique designs that meet their specific needs. Combining aesthetic design with practical functionality, our goal is to help you make the absolute most of your space. 

The quality of our work and your satisfaction are our top priorities. Every project is built by hand with professional care and attention to detail.  We use U.S.A. made materials whenever possible and​ we pride ourselves on sticking to the schedule.  We always deliver your completed cabinets all at once so that you are never left waiting for pieces and parts.
We consider the environment and the local community in everything we do, and we always conduct our business with respect for both.
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